Two Hearts, One Fire mit Tamarack Song und Lety Seibel


Two Hearts, One Fire



A 7 day relationship-empowering workshop


From afternoon Oktober 12 to noon Oktober 19 2023


at Weidenzentrum, Padingbuettel, Northern Germany


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Singles — Would you like to prepare for the relationship of your life?


Couples — How would you like to transform your relationship into


                      an endless honeymoon?


Imagine a relationship with no arguing, because there is no need for it. Differences become strengths rather than dividers. Hurtful relational patterns and triggers give reason to stay together and grow, rather than creating more pain and divisiveness. Here is your chance to learn fresh approaches to intimacy that make — or keep — your relationship forever young.


If you are now single, envision being ready for the relationship of your dreams, now that you’ve discovered how to manifest it. If you came to this workshop without your partner, envision going back home and having it be like meeting your partner for the first time. You have fresh inspiration and creative new ways to strengthen and enrich your sharing.


Are you ready for…


    A relationship that is fresh every morning you wake up, and every night you go to bed.


    Risking anything to gain everything.


    Having all your desires and crazy ideas not only accepted, but supported.


    Letting go of endless compromise, counseling, and limiting boundaries, and


diving in 100% — right now!


If so, come to this workshop and learn how to:


·       Be genuinely — and irresistibly — alluring.


·       Find passion in polarity, and revel in your differences.


·       Use the skill of Deep Listening in place of arguing.


·       Keep your sharing fresh, instead of taking each other for granted.


·       Avoid the same outcome in relationship after relationship.


·       Transform your trauma memories into personal and relational empowerment.


·       Grant each other the freedom to be who you are — without fear of abandonment.


·       Choose friends that strengthen, rather than undermine, your relationship.


·       Use dreams to grow in intimacy.


·       Give without giving yourself away.


·       Turn insecurity-based commitment into feeling privileged to be together.


·       Bury the past — forever! — and start afresh.


In addition, you learn why negotiation doesn’t work; why it takes trust, even though you don’t know what you’re trusting in; why you end up being repelled by what you were initially attracted to; why you can’t be right and be in a vibrant relationship; why there can be no middle ground; why dating may not be the best beginning; why apologizing and asking for forgiveness weaken a relationship; and how complementarity creates a stronger bond than compatibility.


No, this is not some idyllic model that the presenters are going to tease you with, knowing that it is virtually impossible to achieve. You learn the secrets that continue to empower Lety and Tamarack’s relationship after 20-plus dynamic years together — secrets on how to create sustainable, fulfilling, and enchanted intimacy that they learned from indigenous people, ancient Zen practices, and our wild animal kin.


You learn through a series of exercises, workshops, stories, powerpoint presentations, and personal consultations.  Every topic is followed by a troubleshooting session, to address your particular relationship concerns.




The Workshop includes a private one-hour consultation with Lety and Tamarack for each participant, either during the Workshop week or on Zoom at another time.




Your Presenters


Lety Seibel and Tamarack Song have been together for twenty years, through thick and thin — without an argument. They bring into this workshop the successful approaches that keep their relationship vibrant and growing — and the wisdom gained from the failed methods of their earlier relationships. Lety draws from the rich relational heritage of her Mayan ancestry and Mexican culture. Tamarack shares what he learned from the Native Elders he apprenticed to, from the Zen tradition, and from the Doves and Wolves he lived with. Together Lety and Tamarack counsel couples, and Tamarack has written extensively on the topic of relationship. (see under Shop: Old Way Wares & Books)


Covid-19 policy:


Due to continuing Covid -19 pandemic developments, we are inviting everyone who has an up-to-date vaccination for Covid -19 to this workshop.


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